Thursday, 2 July 2009

Graduation Day

I've been absent from here for some time due to a major computer failure (a word of advice to everyone who owns a computer and stores photos, documents, music etc - BACK UP EVERYTHING - regularly and often). Our hard drive failed and everything is gone, and the last time I did a back up was May 2007 so many photos and correspondence etc are lost for good. With a new hard drive in place I can now use the computer again but am so cross with myself for not being better at securing all our files. My son is devastated at the loss of many of his files and probably will never forgive me.

Meanwhile life went on without access to the internet, and when I finally got back I had over 600 favourite blog entries to read (still trying to catch up even now).

Since I last posted I have been on a short break to Helsinki with my daughter to celebrate her graduation. I will post about that separately. But more importantly, yesterday was Graduation Day and I was so proud (allow a mother to boast...) She received a First Class degree (BSc in Psychology), together with The Chancellors Award for the Best Student 2009, the British Psychological Society Undergraduate Award and the university's Department of Psychology Award.

A wonderful and truly well-deserved achievement.