Saturday, 9 February 2008

Valentine Swap

The doorbell rang this morning and look what I got:

A lovely selection of goodies from my swap partner Blossom in Lucy's Valentine Swap - after I'd take a photo of this pretty bag, the gorgeous knitting wool, a lovely green FQ and of course some delicious chocs, I discovered these hidden in the pocket of the bag...

two cute little buttons, a little wooden koala and a tiny golden angel. Thank you Leigh - everything is wonderful. I hope your parcel arrives soon (and that you enjoy opening my swap items as much as I enjoyed yours and that the Aussie customs don't have a problem with anything I sent!).

I knitted this Autobot design facecloth for my son - he's a big Transformers fan. I found the pattern here (thanks Enid). Now he wants a Decepticon one to match. I may have to work out a pattern for myself as I can't find one anywhere on the internet.