Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Back after a long absence...

My last post was over a month ago and there have been various illnesses in the family which I won't go into detail about, but things have settled down a bit now and I am catching up with myself and getting life back to normal. Sorry for the long absence ....

I finished the hot water bottle cover for my daughter I mentioned last time, and have started another one for my sister.

I knitted this without a pattern, just used a hot water bottle to judge the size. I made one of these once before using chunky wool and it turned out very well, but this wool was different as it has a varied texture which made for a lumpy finish. My daughter was happy with it, so that's the main thing!

My washing machine broke down a few weeks ago and I've been struggling without for a time, but had a new machine delivered today. I was very torn about buying a new appliance while trying hard to be more frugal, but the new machine has an "A" rating which means I will save both electricity and water so overall I don't feel quite so guilty. What I especially like about this new machine is that it has a 30 minute cycle which is so quick compared to my old one. The old machine had had its fair share of repairs and was not particularly energy efficient. Since the delivery men left the new machine has been put through its paces several times in an attempt to catch up with several weeks worth of accumulated laundry. I did as much as I could by hand, but wouldn't even try to wash jeans or towels by hand!

I finished my shopping tote for my swap partner... I posted it off to Australia a while back but I haven't heard from my swap partner yet so I hope she has received it by now. Here's a photo (which I hope won't spoil the surprise if it hasn't arrived yet!)

Sorry the photo is a bit dark, it's a cream linen fabric with blue and green pattern, lined in calico. I was going to have a go at making the bag that uses a normal plastic carrier as a template, but it looked a bit challenging. I might tackle it sometime soon and I'll show the results if its a success!